eveloping countries'

eral cooperation.France and ▓China take the same position on many major international i▓ssues, and the two countries, as two major powers, shoulder particularly s

ignificant responsibilities under the current international situation, he said.Referring to France's strengthened dialogue and cooperation with China as "playing an important exemplary role," Macron said France is willing to properly settle the ▓differences between the two sides based on mutual respect.French companies are eagerly looking forward to ▓takin

g the opportunity of China's expanded opening-▓up, further entering into the Chinese market, expandi▓ng exports of agricultural products to China, and strengthening cooperation in areas such as aviation, aerospace, and civilian nuclear energy

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rights and in

, as well as sci-tech▓ innovation and finance, he said.China's issuance of euro-d▓enominated sovereign bonds in Paris is of great significance to France, Macron said, pledging to keep the French market open to Chinese companies.He said Fr▓ance is


he Chinese presid

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